Attractive, responsive and userfriendly!

Adjust osTicket easily to your needs and create well looking contents.

risa style customizer

Stil CustomizerMore

Adjust the design of osTicket easily with just a few clicks, coding is no longer necessary: colors, fonts, header, navbar, frontpage and much more.

risa footer pages

Footer PagesMore

Additional page type with a extra menu at the bottom of the theme. Ideal for legal informations e.g. imprint, privacy policy, disclaimer.

risa blog pages

Blog PagesMore

Additional page type for a blog layout with pagination and search function. Ideal for company news, general infos, holiday greetings, links etc.

risa redactor plus

Redactor PlusMore

Extended inbuild and heavy modified redactor texteditor: Extended code, media manager, fontsize, inline styles, icons, bootstrap preview, bootstrap integration in editorbar ...


Font AwesomeMore

Icons are very important for websites and webprojects. They are a visual help for your users browsing through your site. More than 500 full scalable icons are integrated.


Google FontsMore

Each theme based on the risa framework is delivered with an appropriate set of google fonts. If a font subset, e.g. cyrillic, is not available a fallback is implemented.


Prettify CodeMore

Automatic code syntax highlighting and formatting in cooperation with linenumbers makes the discussion about code more easier. Choose between six different color schemes.


FAQ CategoriesMore

Subcategories, manual sorting function and a complete redesign are making big knowledgebases with a lof of faqs more clearer and userfriendly.


CSS LightboxMore

Create astonishing lightboxes or galleries by adding links and simple css classes to your images. Supported by most devices and screen resolutions.



Now can manage your media complete in redactor texteditor. Create, rename and delete folder and files. Single or bulk upload is possible, to.


BS TypographieMore

Most of Bootstraps typo styles are a integrated in our themes. For an easy use most of them are accessible by redactor bar .


BS ComponentsMore

Many components of Bootstrap are integrated in redactor editor. Panels, Alerts, Wells, Jumbotrons, Labels ... just select, click and adjust.

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