For a better user experience we reworked the complete knowledgebase appearance and added some helpful functions and features. Now the knowledgebase supports nested categories and manual categories ordering. This allows you to structure and present the faqs in a sequential way, that meets the demands of your users, and create for example step by step instructions as well as an order by priority. The navigation module display the first level of nested categories and marks the active one. Just have a look:

FAQ Categories Frontpage

View of the knowledgebase frontpage with nested categories in navigation module as well as in content section. The faqs are only teasered by title to create a clear overview of the complete knowledgebase.


FAQ Categories View

Clicking on a category in the navigation module will lead to the appropriate page. All faqs are displayed with a teaser text of 275 characters length to give your users an idea of the content. A little symbol next to the title is displayed if attachments are available for the faq.


FAQ View

The new design structures the frequently asked question in a modern and clear style.


FAQ Search results

The new design generates an automatically numbered list with the search results.


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