Purify is the first theme based on DMT Risa, a framework that expands osTicket with additional functions and features. Purify comes with a new style customizer, that allows you to adjust the theme easily to your needs, and six basic styles in common colors. All following styles in the gallery are created by using the inbuild style customizer without coding.

Admin Panel > Settings > System > Theme Tab
style customizer
style customizer

Style Customizer

let you easily adjust Purify theme to your needs.
  • Base Theme Selector
    • 6 different color styles:
    • default, grey, orange, pink, turquoise, green
  • Google Fonts Selector
    • 6 different fonts for headlines and body:
    • Droid Sans, Droid Serif
    • Noto Sans, Noto Serif
    • PT Sans, PT Serif
  • Frontpage Settings
    • Max. Number of Featured FAQs in Slider
    • Max. Number of Featured Categories
    • Max. Number of Items in Featured Categories
  • Navbar Settings
    • Logo on/off
    • Language Dropdown on/off
    • Inverse on/off
    • Fixed on/off
  • Body Settings
    • Body Background Color
    • Body Background Image
    • Content Background Color
    • Footer Background Color
  • Header Settings
    • Visibility on/off
    • Background Color
    • Background Image
  • Meta Data Settings
    • Other Pages Meta Data on/off
    • Blog Pages Meta Data on/off
    • Footer Pages Meta Data on/off
  • Prettify Theme Selector

Basic Styles


Basic Default

The default style with no additional settings.

Basic Grey

A warm grey style with no additional settings.

Basic Orange

A colorful orange style with no additional settings.

Basic Pink

A dark pink style with no additional settings.

Basic Turquoise

A turquoise style with no additional settings.

Basic Green

A light green style with no additional settings.

Style Customizer Examples


Custom Style 1


Custom Style 2


Custom Style 3


Custom Style 4


Custom Style 5


Custom Style 6


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