osTicket offers pages for static content and a knowledgebase for frequently asked questions. But what's about dynamic content like season greetings, company news, product infos and so on. For content like this we created a blog function with included pagination and search function.

And it's simple to start your little blog: Just create a page with type "blog" and name it "blog" - have a look at the red marked area in the image above. This is the initial page for collecting all other pages with the type "blog" and generate the menu entry "Blog". Its contents never appear anywhere, this page is only for controlling purposes.

Now every page with the type "Blog" appears in this section, the default ordering is descending by creation date. This guarantees, that the newest infos appearing first. The module "Latest News" display the headlines of the ten newest items.

If your customer is searching for an older entry or for a certain information, the inbuild search functions returns results while typing the keywords. You can combine keywords for amazing search results. One example: "July 2017" returns all items written in "July 2017", adding "Monday" to the keywords will show all items written on a Monday in July 2017. But be aware, if you like, that your customers can search for Date, you must have "Blog Pages Meta Data" enabled in the theme settings.

Sure this function can't replace a professional blog or cms, but its perfect for a small dialog with the visitors and users of your osTicket helpdesk for all those matters, that don't fit in the knowledgebase or static info pages. Here you can see a screenshot of a sample blog:


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